George R.R. Martin has had it up to here with you Game of Thrones freaks bullying him.

With the highly-anticipated sixth installation in his series still being written, GoT fans have been nagging and bleating the author for its release. On Saturday in a post on LiveJournal (yes, that site still exists), Martin wrote that he has not yet finished the book, titled The Winds of Winter. In fact, it won’t be finished any time soon, so stop asking.

“For months now I have wanted nothing so much as to be able to say, ‘I have completed and delivered THE WINDS OF WINTER on or before the last day of 2015. But the book’s not done. Nor is it likely to be finished tomorrow, or next week.”

This is significant because it means that the HBO series Game of Thrones will have caught up to the timeline in the books, and will presumably start airing unwritten story lines. But to fans who fear spoilers, Martin basically says “go kick rocks.”

Having said all that, I know what the next question will be, because hundreds of you have already asked it of me. Will the show ‘spoil’ the novels?

Maybe. Yes and no. Look, I never thought the series could possibly catch up with the books, but it has. The show moved faster than I anticipated and I moved more slowly. There were other factors too, but that was the main one. Given where we are, inevitably, there will be certain plot twists and reveals in season six of GAME OF THRONES that have not yet happened in the books. For years my readers have been ahead of the viewers. This year, for some things, the reverse will be true. How you want to handle that... hey, that’s up to you.

Maybe, after nearly three decades of creating a fantasy epic that launched one of the most popular television shows in history, you get a little tired now and then, and want to take a break.

Maybe we should all just relax, take a few breaths and give this 67-year-old man a few extra months to finish his goddamn book. Leave Martin alone!

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