In 2010, George W. Bush, a painter and the 43rd president of America, had an idea. "I am going to write a book about my Daddy," he said, sipping from a glass of sweet tea.

Publishers, who love books by men who have invaded or ordered the invasion of other countries, heard his thoughts and jumped on the first plane to Crawford to give George everything he needed: Some pork ribs, a new set of cray-pas, and research help. When you are writing a book about your personal relationship with your dad, you definitely need research help.

Politico has more on 43's heroic effort:

Here's what we know about the book: It will be published by Crown Publishers (the book contract came recently), it doesn't have a title yet and it runs roughly 300 pages. As reported in POLITICO's Playbook Thursday, Bush got the idea in 2010, did some work on it in 2011 and 2012, and wrote it over the last two years, mostly on his own but with some research and editing help.

George and the research help were probably pretty surprised to find out that George's dad, George H.W. Bush, was the 41st president of America. What are the odds?

May we humbly suggest this article to learn more about your father's sartorial inclinations, George?