Caleb Clemmons, the 20-year-old former college student who was jailed for six months after making a prank threat on Tumblr, pleaded guilty to making terroristic threats on Tuesday. Clemmons was sentenced to five years of probation during which time he is prohibited from using any social media.

Clemmons was also sentenced to six months in jail, which he has already served, as well as a suspended five-to-six month stint at a probation detention center.

A former psychology major at Georgia Southern University, Clemmons published the following post on his Tumblr on February 8: “hello. my name is irenigg and i plan on shooting up georgia southern. pass this around to see the affect it has. to see if i get arrested." He was arrested later that day.

Clemmons repeatedly told authorities the post was "an experimental literary piece and an art project,” but prosecutors weren't persuaded; Clemmons was charged with making terroristic threats via a computer, charges which could have landed him in jail for five years.

“It was deemed to be at least a threat, if nothing else," Clemmons' lawyer Jack Williamson told The Verge. "That’s what terroristic threats are. It’s not carrying through with any acts, because if there was some act involved, then it would carry up to a 10-year prison sentence ... Nowadays, with people being shot in theaters and schools and on the streets, these types of things are looked at a whole lot differently."

Clemmons was released Tuesday, after spending the six months leading up to his trial in jail because his family was unable to afford his $20,000 bail.

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