Catherine Middlebum, Duchess of Dayumbridge, future Queen of Assland, may have dressed a little formally for the beach during last month's royal tour of Australia, but a new photo published over the weekend in the German tabloid newspaper Bild suggests that anything goes on the helicopter pad.

The photo of a gust of wind whipping up Kate Middleton's dress was snapped while the royal couple boarded a chopper to Sydney after taking a tour of Australia's Blue Mountains. Bild published it in a triptych of butt photos alongside Kim and Khloe Kardashian's (clothed) posteriors, above the caption "Khloe, Kim and Kate – behinds that have moved us these past few days!"

British press outlets like Metro and the Daily Mail have labeled the photo "a breach of privacy," and compared it to the topless sunbathing photos of the Duchess snapped while the couple vacationed in France in 2012. The Duke and Duchess sued the French magazine that first published those images.

This is not the first time Kate Middleton has accidentally flashed onlookers while in the presence of aircraft and, if patterns hold, will not be the last.

[Image via Bild]