Photo: Facebook, “Enough Is Enough”

A court hearing was just held for the trio who were pulled over with a loaded AR-15 rifle, a loaded 12-gauge shotgun, five pistols, body armor, tactical gear, knives, high-capacity ammo and an ammo box with the words “shoot your local heroin dealer” on it, just outside the Holland Tunnel in New Jersey yesterday morning, just minutes after this picture was posted.

John Cramsey, 50, who operates Higher Ground Tactical gun range in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Dean Smith, 52 and Kimberly Arendt, 29, were stopped at 7:40 am on Tuesday after the New Jersey Police noticed a cracked windshield and “things dangling from the rearview mirror” of their neon Dodge covered with pro-gun stickers. The NJPD spotted a loaded magazine on the floor of the truck and proceeded to discover the arms motherload. The trio told the police that they were on their way to “save a friend who is on heroin” and is being held against her will by drug dealers somewhere in Queens.

The AP reports that the trio’s lawyers want the gun evidence tossed out over “an illegal search.” Facing multiple gun possession charges, they pleaded not guilty and are being held on a $75,000 cash bail in Hudson County, New Jersey.

It’s not clear how having more guns than hands to shoot them was figuring into Cramsey’s plan, but it looks like this was not the first time John Cramsey made an armed “rescue” attempt.

Cramsey has been crusading against Lehigh Valley’s heroin epidemic ever since his daughter Alexandria ‘Lexii’ Cramsey died four months ago from a heroin and fentanyl overdose at the age of 20. The Facebook admin for a local anti-heroin group “Enough Is Enough” has been acting increasingly strange recently.

“About a week ago, he started posting very cryptic posts. He felt like he was superman, like he could go and save these people,” Enough Is Enough co-founder Lyn Baker told The Daily Beast. She says that Cramsey made several “rescue attempts” like these and that they were getting more frequent. In Pennsylvania, it’s legal to drive around with a loaded shotgun. Baker says Cramsey, a firearms instructor, must have just made “a mistake.”

Ardent, a recovering addict, says she received texts from a young friend asking for help. On early Tuesday, the trio loaded their Dodge with enough battle gear to take shoot many, many, many heroin dealers and headed for New York.

Screenshot: Facebook

Though Baker told The Daily News she had no idea Cramsey was doing the “extraction,” she told CBS that at 7:30am, just minutes before he was pulled over, Cramsey called Baker and asked her to start planning for rehabilitation and detox programs for the “girl on heroin.”

According to the police, the 16-year-old in question did, in fact, wake up next to another 19-year-old woman who was dead, just as Cramsey wrote on Facebook. The teenager told the police that she did not need to be rescued and was not being held against her will by a drug dealer. She asked for assistance and was taken into custody.

The almost-vigilantes face a litany of gun charges, including unlawful possession of an assault rifle, a handgun, and a shotgun, possession of high-capacity ammunition magazines and transportation of an assault rifle and transportation of high-capacity magazines. They are also facing drug possession charges since some weed, a weed pipe, one Valium and one Xanax were discovered in the truck.