A fluorescent pink, 200-pound dog has gone missing from the streets of West Hollywood, and authorities are mystified as to how it was stolen, or where it could possibly be.

The statue, which is wearing sneakers on its paws and features a water bottle strapped to its back, was stolen after the city's gay pride parade on June 9th. The thieves struck in the middle of the night, lugging the large statue off of Santa Monica Boulevard.

“I would say how can you miss it?” West Hollywood city councilman John Duran told the Times. “It’s 200 pounds, pink and wearing tennis shoes.”

Authorities believed the statue would return at some point, probably a few days after the end of pride celebrations. But the dog has remained missing.

We have no leads, no sightings, no suspect information,” Lt. Michael White of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. The police have said if the dog is returned unharmed, there will be no further questions about the theft.

The art, which had been installed only shortly before the parade, was made by the Belgian artist William Sweetlove, to express his concerns about global warming. As the earth becomes warmer, he envisions, dogs might needs some shoes, as well as copious amounts of water.

Now however, there's just an empty pedestal and no leads (not even paw prints cause the darn dog is wearing sneakers!).