San Francisco residents refuse to stop tearing the city apart with their highly corrosive, free-flowing urine, and the city has apparently decided to beat them at their own game, sort of: San Francisco just installed its first “open-air urinal,” a microcosm of the much larger open-air urinal that is the Fog City itself.

The concrete pee circle was installed in Dolores Park, which has long attracted public urinators and just underwent $20 million worth of renovations (money that, presumably, did not go entirely to this slab of soon-to-be urine-soaked concrete). As one resident told a local NBC affiliate, “Honestly, we were ready to go pee anywhere. So any facility is better than none.” And as local news anchor Jessica Aguirre asked a reporter on the scene, “I understand that the urinal is very close to the children’s part of the park?”

Why yes, Jessica. Yes it is. From the Associated Press:

Solar-powered toilets roll through city streets several afternoons a week. And city crews have inspected 10,000 light posts to make sure they won’t fall over from erosion. That comes after a three-story-tall light post corroded by a likely mix of human and dog urine, and weighed down by a large banner, toppled.

Which might sound horrifying—but! It is also a testament to the fact that, when mankind works together, our urine truly can accomplish anything.

[h/t Associated Press]

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