Do not be alarmed if, while strolling through Colchester or Wiltham, you come across a man dressed in head-to-to bondage-style latex. He's only the Gimp Man of Essex, out to "spark debate" and raise a little money for charity.

Gimp Man, whose true identity remains unknown, spoke with the BBC about his campaign to travel Essex, UK, while wrapped up in plastic like the dirty, worthless little boy he is. At first, he says, he simply walked around, but now, he donates £1 to the organization Colchester Mind for every photo of him that's posted to his Facebook. He's given £375 so far.

"Some people make assumptions that I am a paedophile or a pervert, and think I must be into some horrible things," he told the BBC. His wife and children are not aware of his second identity.

Despite the attention, Gimp Man remains humble: "People call me a legend, but I only donate a few hundred quid and walk round looking a fool."

[h/t BoingBoing, Image via Facebook]