Twerking is not "over," despite the results of a comprehensive poll of every rapper in Mullumbimby, Australia, but twerking while leaning out of a moving car is over. Specifically, it is over as soon as you lose your footing and fall to the unforgiving pavement.

This video could be staged—it wouldn't be the first staged twerk video—but it seems likely that this girl was really just hanging out the passenger side of her best friend's ride, trying to do it for the Vine.

"She really hurt y'all ... don't laugh," MediaTakeOut reported, but you can go ahead and laugh if you want, because she's probably okay. Although the TakeOut claims that the girl "suffered a severe neck and spine injury. We're told that she's in a coma," there's no other evidence that's true.

Meanwhile, here's a followup from CatFish, the driver who filmed the original Vine, letting everyone know her friend is fine: "She is Gucci. She's just a little ashy, that's it."

Stay safe out there, twerk team.

[h/t Daily Dot]