As "Weird Al" Yankovic celebrates the release of what's probably his final major-label album, everyone's looking back on his nearly 35 years in music and either lamenting or sighing with relief that some things never change.

But they do! In 1998, Al freaked out his fans by shaving off his mustache and trading in the glasses for LASIK surgery, revealing Actually Pretty Handsome Al. "If Madonna's allowed to reinvent herself every 15 minutes, I figure I should be good for a change at least once every 20 years," he said at the time.

The shift in outward appearance fortunately had no effect on Al's inner weirdness, but it was a "Dylan goes electric" moment in his epic career.

So Al did the most Al thing possible: He went acoustic in this promo for a fake MTV special. "Normal" Al playing "Eat It" unplugged is a glimpse of a dismal future that never came to pass.

[H/T Mental Floss]