On Saturday, drivers in Charlotte, North Carolina encountered an unusual sight alongside Providence Road: a family of four, led by their grandmother, was walking along the road, entirely naked.

“Like freshly-born baby naked,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Capt. Rod Farley told the Charlotte Observer. “This was Adam and Eve stuff, not even a loincloth.”

Another witness, Charlotte resident Jill Mead, told the paper that the sight “blew [her] mind.”

Police eventually stopped the family – the grandmother, her daughter, one toddler and one infant – and took all four to a nearby hospital, where the two adults underwent physical and mental evaluations.

“It didn’t appear that they had any problems short of that they didn’t have any clothes on,” Farley said.

As for the inspiration for their public nudity, the women gave as good a reason as any: Farley said they told police, “the Lord told them to get naked and walk down the street."

[via NY Daily News]