A woman and her three grandchildren were killed in a house fire in Ohio late Thursday night. The three children lived just two houses away—their parents were at the scene within minutes, police said—but wanted to spend Christmas night with their grandmother.

"We've had tragic fires, but this is unfortunately for this time the most tragic we have to deal with it. It's a very sad event," Sheriff Vernon Stanforth told WCMH. Fire officials are investigating the fire's cause.

The victims—identified as 60-year-old Terry Harris, 14-year-old Kenyon Harris, 11-year-old Broderick Harris, and 9-year-old Braylon Harris—were pulled from the remains of the Fayette County home early Friday.

"Grandma was close to the front door," Stanforth added. "The other children were behind her and so we're just assuming that she was by the front door, that she was trying to corral the children to help them get out."

The Red Cross, who were called to the scene Friday morning, will provide support for the family over the next few weeks, according to WCMH.

[Photos via WCMH]