In what sounds like the start of either a charming Disney movie or a terrifying psychological horror story, a five-year-old Connecticut boy went on a bit of a detour when someone else's great-grandfather picked him up from school.

The 79-year-old was filling in for his granddaughter when he went to pick the kindergartener at the Sterling Community school in Connecticut. His kid and the five-year-old child he picked up were apparently of similar builds, wearing similar hats, and coincidentally lived on the same street.

"[The great-grandfather] said 'I know you live on Pine Hill Road but your mom is sick so you have to come to my house,'" the boy's father, Derek Stone, 38, told The Post.

When the child refused to get out of the car, the man's wife came out to investigate.

"So the man goes into the house and gets his wife, who took my son's hat off, and said 'Hey you have the wrong kid,' then they called the school."

Stone's parents are furious because the school elected to handle the mixup internally rather than calling police. School officials apparently had the great-grandfather drive Stone back to the school, then transported him to the correct home on an empty school bus.

[image via Shutterstock]