Going to work while high on cocaine, LSD, and Ketamine is not recommended. Stopping your work in order to watch footage of someone else working while high on cocaine, LSD, and Ketamine, however, is highly recommended.

It's been a almost a year since Sam Briggs' buddies pumped him full of weed, ecstasy, and magic mushrooms and sent him off to work as a public works employee, and, luckily for us, he hasn't learned a goddamn thing in the interim.

For Christmas, Briggs again decided to load up on drugs and head off to serve the public.

Being Christmas, Briggs was manning a Christmas gift wrapping stall during the course of his "experiment," with his bosses being none the wiser:

The people renting out the stall and the public obviously have no clue that Sam is buzzing off his tits the whole time, but they'll both be glad to know that all money raised went to charity.

Merry Christmas.

[H/T: BroBible]