Half an hour after going public and announcing that authority for any military action in Syria would lie with Congress, President Obama and Vice President Biden headed to Virginia for a round of golf.

Not that Congress is sacrificing its vacation either; Speaker John Boehner said today in a statement that the House would wait until September 9 to "consider a measure." Marco Rubio, however, is saying that members should return this week instead.

Congressional members who did not participate in Thursday's Syria conference call briefing will have an opportunity tomorrow, when the White House plans to hold in-person, classified briefings to explain the current situation.

On the State Department side, however, Secretary of State John Kerry is shifting into overdrive. Politico is reporting that he will appear on all five Sunday news programs tomorrow in a bid to compel Congress to action.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel just wants to carry on with his amazing Labor Day Weekend style.