"About 15 minutes ago, I got a phone call from Utah animal control, calling to tell me that an officer had shot and killed my dog," Sean Kendall says at the beginning of the video above. "He was inside the backyard in a fenced off area."

Kendall was at work when he heard the news: A police officer who was searching for a lost child had entered his backyard, and shot Geist the Weimaraner because he felt threatened. That cop left the scene before the devastated dog owner got home, so he took the two remaining cops to task for Geist's death.

"I understand it wasn't you guys personally, but you guys killed my dog," Kendall says in a particularly cathartic moment. "I've had this dog for three years. He was my best friend, and he was shot because an officer couldn't back the fuck up out of my house."

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, which published the video, the missing boy was found "a half-hour after the search began." Kendall met with Salt Lake police last week, and says he wants to see the officer who killed Geist fired.

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