It used to be that only the very rich had the opportunity to lose money by investing in hedge funds. Now, you can too!

Most hedge funds have minimum investments with lots of zeroes in them, like "$100,000," or even "$1,000,000." This has meant, historically, that only the wealthiest members of society have been able to afford to pay hedge fund managers outrageously high fees in order to dramatically underperform a simple low-cost index fund.

No longer! Goldman Sachs, always on the lookout for a way to soak suckers offer innovative financial products to underserved communities, is now offering a hedge fund with the low, low entry price of only $1,000. The annual fees for investing this fund are about 20 times higher than you would pay for investing in a simple S&P 500 index fund, which— if history is any guide— will tend to outperform hedge funds over the long term, anyhow.

You, the common person, now have the chance to contribute to the profits of Goldman Sachs and hedge fund managers at your own expense. Don't miss this opportunity to lose.

[Via Barry Ritholtz. Also, a better idea for hedge fund manager compensation. And an even better idea for hedge fund manager compensation. Photo: AP]