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Blondie Bennett's story of wanting to be a brainless idiot so that her life could mimic that of a doll's as closely as possible made the rounds earlier this year. Laura Ling interviewed Bennett on last night's episode of her E! show Society X. During the interview, Bennett treated Ling and all of us to one of her hypnotherapy sessions that she undergoes online so as to be "brainless," as Bennett likes to call it. This involves a Skype session with an out-of-county hypnotherapist, who tells her to envision an elephant and encourages her to do whatever she wants with it. She pets its trunk.

Here's what I think: If you are paying some dude in another country to tell you to do things with imaginary elephants, you are well on your way to becoming brainless. In fact, I think you might be there. Congratulations, Blondie Bennett!

I really like Ling's reaction to Bennett.

I really, really like it.