There's A Population of Gawker Commenters Who Can Go Fuck Off

(KABarrick beat me.)

Seriously, go fuck right the hell off.

"Why isn't this labeled with TRIGGER WARNING?! Isn't that still a thing?" STFU.


"I'd love to see this cross-posted on Jezebel" STFU

"She's just a comedian because she's pretty, not good at what she does." STFU


Full disclosure: SS's humor isn't consistently funny to me. This fell far short of the commentary someone said she was making. Louis CK has achieved what I think that commenter was describing. This made me cringe, and not just because I'm a survivor.

Here Is Sarah Silverman's Rape Joke

"Few comics could get away with such an irreverent act, but [Sarah] Silverman pulls it off with her disconnected style that blends vulgarity and vulnerability," is how Chicago Sun-Times critic Lori Rackl described the recent HBO comedy special Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles. The two-minute-or-so joke above, finds Silverman at her risky best. She's been telling variations of this exaggerated joke on the road for over a year to acclaim. Her depiction of the guilty rape survivor will hit too close to home for some (which could describe virtually all of her jokes), but in a year featuring multiple public arguments about rape jokes, this seems almost impossibly funny. It's about as good (if much lighter) of a bookend as Patricia Lockwood's poem "The Rape Joke."

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