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A driver stopped in traffic about 20 miles outside of Las Vegas last Friday recorded this video of police shooting and killing a man who climbed into one of their cars.

As the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, the man killed in the video is D'Andre Berghardt, who had been wandering along the side of the highway, trying to flag down passersby. The entire video, posted on the Review-Journal's website, shows an extended standoff in which troopers (Clarification from the LVRJ reporter, via email: it was park rangers that were first to respond; a state trooper pulls up to the scene later. A ranger fired the deadly shots.) appear to be trying to arrest Berghardt. He refused, but the situation did not appear to be violent at first.

The clip above begins after the officers pepper-sprayed Berghardt. Though they approached him repeatedly, they never tried to take him to the ground and handcuff him. After a state trooper pulls up, Berghardt runs, swings wildly, escapes the officers, and finally opens the door of a trooper's SUV and climbs in. At that point one officer fires "eight or nine shots" into the vehicle, killing Berghardt. The Review-Journal writes that "the officers say Berghardt grabbed for the trooper's AR-15, which was locked in a gun rack in the car."

Less than a minute after the killing, traffic begins flowing again.

The Las Vegas police, the Highway Patrol, and the FBI are investigating.

[via LVRJ]