Mario Diaz, from New York's PIX11, was reporting on professional miscreant Shia LeBeouf when Erykah Badu, wearing a comically large white hat, walks by and does as anyone would do given the opportunity to crash a live broadcast: she tries to kiss him.

Badu apologized to Diaz on Twitter, but did not (and she should never) explain why she punk'd him on-air.

He replied to her with lyrics from Prince's "Kiss."

Diaz's wife and two-year-old were there with him when Badu tried to get a smooch. His wife does not care/is amused.

Apparently, these kind of things happen to Diaz every decade or so. He was overdue for another bizarre celebrity encounter. From PIX11:

In 1993, while announcing the second title fight between heavyweights Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, a paraglider crashed a few feet away from Diaz's broadcast position.

A few years later, Diaz was photobombed by Tiger Woods while doing a report prior to his first professional victory.

[H/T Vulture // Image via PIX11]