In his first show since Twitter activists called for his cancellation, Stephen Colbert devoted an entire segment to the #cancelcolbert hashtag that blew up last week. The controversy was ignited by an out-of-context tweet from the Colbert Report Twitter account, which isn't controlled by Colbert himself.

Watch Colbert distance himself from the offensive tweet, remind everyone that he's a satirist, and circle back to the point he was trying to make—whether successfully or not—with his original sketch. To wit: Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder is a racist jerk ("which Twitter seems to be fine with, because I haven't seen shit about that," Colbert says).

“That ends that controversy," Colbert concluded. "I just pray that no one tweets about the time I said that Rosa Parks was overrated, Hitler had some good ideas, or ran a cartoon during Black History Month showing President Obama teaming up with the Ku Klux Klan because, man, that sounds pretty bad out of context."

[Photo Credit: Colbert Report/Comedy Central]