The AP reports that police in New York are searching for a man who loves fun hats almost as much as he loves threatening bank tellers with violence and robbing banks. Know anybody?

According to Nassau County police, the man has committed a whopping eight bank robberies—hitting one bank twice—in the span of two and a half months, ending on July 23. During the robberies, he wore a number of different, festive hats:

Surveillance photos show the robber wearing a floppy white hat at one bank. At another, he accessorized with a baseball hat that had a picture of President Barack Obama on it.

And at another, he decided on a hat with a long wig attached.

Police, who say the robber usually gives bank tellers a note "threatening violence and demanding cash," believe it is the same man in all of the surveillance photos.

He seems fun!

[image via Shutterstock]