There are typos and there are typpos. And then there's misspelling your own high school's name on the cover of your own high school's yearbook.

Which is what happened at Moorhead, Minnesota's Moorhead High School, where two whole classes of students and an adviser approved the cover of the 2013 yearbook and sent it off to be printed thousands of times before realizing they spelled it "Moorehead."

"They proofed the book and the cover, and they missed it," district spokeswoman Pam Gibb told Forum News Service. "I don’t know that there’s much we can do now. It’s a mistake, and it was made."

The vast majority of the yearbooks have already been printed — at a cost of $19,000 to the district — and there is no money in the budget for a reprint.

Gibb and Moorhead's principal Dave Lawrence are in early talks to print a set of adhesive labels that will be used to mask the error.

"Well, it’s just kind of common. Sometimes you think of ‘moor’ as in ‘m-o-r-e’ and you’d think there’s an ‘e’ at the end," sophomore Emily Otto told the news service.

Sophomore Jason Wentzell was far less diplomatic in his response: "I just think it’s really weird that they misspelled the town that they live in."

[H/T: Laughing Squid, photo via Duluth News Tribune]