A Florida teen and his father were driving home when they came upon a semi-truck stuck on the train tracks. When it became clear that the train was going to pulverize the truck, 15-year-old Austin Broderick did as any teen would: he took out his phone and started recording. His narration is on-point: "That was not...good."

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Austin Broderick, 15, and his dad, Dean Broderick, 46, of Oxford said they were two miles from home Wednesday night when they came upon the rig stalled at train tracks parallel to U.S. Highway 301 and Sumter County Road 104. They got out of their car to see what was happening and realized the driver was already out of the truck, waiting on the other side of the road. Then the railroad-crossing arms came down.

"I was kind of worried about the driver, but I was kind of excited because I'd never seen something like this happen," Austin Broderick told the Orlando Sentinel.

Austin and his father investigated the crash site, where they discovered the truck was carrying a shipment of watermelons.

"These are goooooooood watermelons," Austin said. "They were goooooooood watermelons!" his dad responded.

Trains and watermelons bring families together.

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