Hillary Clinton delivered a rousing five-minute speech at a rally yesterday in Iowa, thrilling fans who were only there to see Demi Lovato anyway. And the reviews are in:

  • “I was like: ‘Is this done already?’... It did seem pretty short”
  • “It was shorter than I expected.”
  • “It was like a political commercial. I thought she was saying goodbye to Demi and then she’d start her speech. But it never happened.”
  • “I have loved her* forever. This might be my only chance to see her.”
  • “I’m not sure she said enough to convince me to vote for her.”
  • “It was very short.”
  • “This is a great opportunity for them to see what could be the first woman president — and Demi Lovato, let’s be real.”
  • “I am leaning more towards Bernie.”

Millennials, man.

*Demi Lovato

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