Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won Saturday’s presidential primary in South Carolina, marking another win—and another notch against Bernie Sanders. CNN called the race for Clinton almost the moment that polls closed.

The former Secretary of State is projected to win a large share of the Palmetto State’s 53 delegates. The win comes after a similar one last week in Nevada.

According to ABC News, more black voters turned out to vote in South Carolina than in 2008, giving Clinton a major boost. Exit polls showed that 61 percent of voters in Saturday’s primary identified as black, with only about 35 percent saying they were white.

Update 7:11 p.m.

ABC, The Washington Post, and The New York Times all projected Clinton to win the primary as well.

According to CNN, the Bernie Sanders issued a campaign congratulating Clinton, and adding that “we are not going to stop now,” referencing the upcoming primaries on Super Tuesday.

Early poll numbers show that Clinton crushed Sanders, especially when it came to black voters.

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