Why does media focus on these extraordinarily rare stories?

There are a few rare people who knowingly transmit HIV, and the media focuses on these exceptional cases - and laws and policies are made around these cases.

We need to remember it's everyone's responsibility to negotiate safe sex (I disagree with nondisclosure laws). Did these people ask if he happened to be HIV+? Did he lie? Why aren't we being given this information?


You can't just assume people's HIV status. Assess the risks, then make your choices.

HIV-Positive Student Videotaped Himself Having Sex With 31 People

According to prosecutors, a 22-year-old college student secretly filmed himself having unprotected sex with as many as 31 people, knowingly exposing them to HIV.

In October, Michael Johnson, a student and former wrestler at Lindenwood University in Missouri, was charged with five felony counts of exposing partners to HIV. Some time later, police discovered the sex tapes—reportedly filmed with hidden cameras—stored on Johnson's laptop. Prosecutors disclosed the discovery on Friday.

"On that laptop were 32 videos engaged in sexual acts with Mr. Johnson," said Tim Lohmar, a St. Charles County prosecutor, told KMOV, adding that the tapes showed Johnson having sex with 31 partners over four months in his dorm at Lindenwood.


Lohmar also said that it's unlikely the partners knew about Johnson's HIV positive status.

Johnson, known online as Tiger Mandingo, met his partners—most of whom, if not all, were men—through his six social media accounts (three Facebook pages, two Twitter feeds, a Vine and an Instagram), according to the River Front Times.


If convicted, Johnson faces life in prison.

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