According to many reports, Hollywood Stuntz is the name of the motorcycle gang responsible for beating Alexian Lien in last week’s SUV attack in New York City. But Hollywood Stuntz is not the name of a gang: it’s the alias for one biker named Jamie Lao.

In an interview with GlobalGrind’s Sharon Carpenter, Lao said he had nothing to do with the attack and that he had “canceled the event last minute due to overwhelming pressure from the police.” But some of the bikers, already in town for the ride, created their own “riding parties” and they are to blame for the assault on Lien.

In the interview, Lao denied knowing any of the riders in the video but this hasn’t stopped him from receiving threats:

The street biker has received death threats, not only towards him, but also towards his girlfriend and 9-year-old daughter and, he says, his business relationships have been affected.

Lao insisted that those behind “Hollywood’s Block Party” don’t “condone any violence” but that as “as a rider and a family guy” he has a hard time picking a side in the aftermath. He also told Carpenter that he hopes another Hollywood’s Block Party can happen again in the future so he can show the world that those involved in the motorcycle culture are “not bad people.”

[Image via Instagram/sharoncarpenter]