Three things rich kids are known to enjoy: Drinking, brunch, and telling everybody how successful their parents are. Meet Gerry, who appears to have hit the trifecta last Sunday near Madison Avenue, when he claimed his dad "owns half of fucking Manhattan."

According to the uploader of this video, New York's Next Top Douchebag got wasted during brunch at Pranna and "fled a fight," eventually ending up outside a dry cleaners on 28th Street, where this video begins.

Upon realizing he's being filmed, Gerry stumbles over and confronts the cameraman, who claims to own the property on which Gerry and his friends are loitering. And that's when our wealthy young brunch aficionado utters these words, which he will in no way regret later:


"This your property? My dad is in fuckin' real estate, you're gonna tell me this your property? My dad owns half of fucking Manhattan."

He also claims that calling the police will do no good because, "you think a guy who does real estate doesn't own the cops?"

Oh, and he owns Bill DeBlasio, too. Do you want him to have Bill come down here so you can ask him yourself?


The kid in the video has yet to be definitively identified by internet detectives. Gothamist commenters think he claimed to be a member of the Adjmi family, but there's no Gerry Adjmi listed anywhere online.

Meanwhile, Pranna—which has pissed off the Community Board due to alleged incidents of public drunkenness in the past—says there were no incidents at brunch that Sunday, and "there are several bars and brunch locations around Madison Avenue."

Update: The Smoking Gun has identified "Gerry" as an NYU student and non-real-estate-mogul named Gerry Shalam.

[H/T BroBible]