A group of Amish riding in a horse and buggy along a East Lampeter Township, Penn. road were robbed at gunpoint by a man in a mask. The robber apparently drove up to the horse and buggy in a white minivan, swerving into the buggy's lane to force it to stop, got out, and demanded the wallets of all three people inside.

According to LancasterOnline, after two of the riders handed over their wallets, one threw his wallet behind the thief, and when he turned around to pick it up, had the horse hightail it into a nearby field, assuming the thief wouldn't follow. (He didn't! Smart move.)

"A horse and buggy has no problem in a field, and they figured the robber wouldn't follow them out there," East Lampeter Police Lt. Robin Weaver told LancasterOnline. "It was pretty quick thinking on their part."

Weaver says "to pick on people such as the Amish," and rob them, is just "desperation." And even though robbing a horse and buggy seems unlikely to yield much of a profit, Weaver says that it's probably happened before, so remain vigilant.

"It's rare, but I believe it has occurred in the past," he said.

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