Are you aware that the UN has declared 2013 to be "The Year of Quinoa?" How are you participating in the global quinoa uprising?

Do you cook it in a pot? Do you eat it while it's hot? Do you use it instead of pasta? Do you share it with some Rastas? Do you eat it in a salad? Do you compose a ballad— to quinoa, that most nutritious of grains?

Do you know that it's highly touted? Have you read this Bloomberg story about it?

Thousands of miles from celebrities and chefs who tout the health benefits of quinoa — a seed packed with protein and fiber — sales are lifting the fortunes of Andean farmers who’ve grown it for centuries mostly for subsistence. Governments of Peru and Bolivia, which still dominate the $123 million export market, are hoping the trend can last as prices that have doubled to about $3,000 a metric ton since 2007 attract better capitalized competitors.

Quinoa boost the economy, quinoa improves your physiology. Quinoa helps the Andean farmers, quinoa's a good thing to serve to your mama. Quinoa, why not make it a staple? Quinoa, have you tried it with maple? (Gross.)

Quinoa Haiku

Girlfriend hands you bowl.

"What's this?" you ask. "It's quinoa."

Not bad. Tastes okay.

Global agricultural diversity, huzzah!

[Bloomberg. Photo: Flickr]