A 34-year-old California man has been arrested for dressing up as a county fair employee and trying to recruit teenage girls for his porn business, "Big Pimpin' Inc."

A 16-year-old girl named Justice told reporters that the would-be porn producer, Aaron Gimbert, handed her a card at the Alameda County (Calif.) Fair and told her she'd make a great porn star.

"He like asked if I was 18 and I was like no I'm 16, and he kind of thought about it, and he was like call me when you turn 18," Justice told KTVU.


The business card advertised a bonus for girls who sign on their 18th birthday.

Gimbert was allegedly wearing a fair employee shirt while conducting his big pimpin' business. The fair denies that he's an employee, and claims it runs background checks on full-time staff.


Management didn't specify whether Gimbert was a part-time worker or just some guy with an Alameda County Fair shirt and a very strong interest in the future of the porn business.

[H/T Uproxx, Photo: KTVU]