The sun is out over Manhattan now, after the darkness of the winter storm. Yet will the city ever recover? For the first time in decades, New York had to face frozen precipitation without the steadying hand of a right-wing authoritarian or a pragmatic technocrat as mayor. Now, as the New York Post has been warning us, the city is being run by a potentially feckless radical, who cares more about identity politics and fostering class resentment than the nuts and bolts of governance.

Sure, Bill de Blasio wasn't off in Bermuda during the storm preparations. And he managed to shovel his own walk (albeit with painful-looking form). But how did he do in your neighborhood? Are fleets of sanitation trucks, rebadged with "Department of Reparations," clearing everything above 110th Street while the Upper East Side languishes? Or are the landlords still counting on the beaten-down property-less class to do their work for them while they flout the law?

Share your observations and anecdotes about de Blasio's first snowstorm below.

[Image by Jim Cooke, photo via AP Images]