Are you aware that the toy industry is in a slump right now? Indeed, there is "softness" in the toy market across the entire world. Some parent you are. Rest easy, though. Motherfuckers are still buying so many fucking Legos.

Motherfuckers from here to Botswana cannot buy enough fucking Legos. Every time Lego puts out another new Lego set for some shit like Lord of the Rings, or, I dunno, Gossip Girl, or any other new shit for kids to build, parents from Taiwan to Thailand just open their wallets and Hoover up those fucking Lego sets. Because let's be honest, kids love them some fucking Legos, and that shit is not gonna change any time soon. Whether or not people are buying the latest Furby or video game or talking robot toy shit, you can god damn bet that they will be buying some motherfucking Legos. That shit is timeless and classic from generation to generation.

If this year is any fucking indication, it won't be too long before you can hardly take a step anywhere from Mumbai to Miami without having the sole of your foot pierced by a stray fucking Lego, due to the fact that those fucking Lego sets are flying off shelves just as fast as the company can fucking produce them. The WSJ says that even though the whole fucking toy industry is in the shitter, LEGO is about to hire a thousand new motherfucking employees, thanks to 20% revenue growth this year, a figure that is just fucking cockstaggering if you think about it. How much bigger can this motherfucker get? Shit if I know. All we can say for sure is that, as it stands now, Legos are the most popular fucking consumer product on the face of the planet, so if you wanna get in with a winner, brother, you better get on the motherfucking LEGO train before that shit pulls out of the station and leaves you behind. Christmas is almost here. You know what your kids want. They want some fucking Legos, motherfucker. You need to buy them some of those shits right now, or fuck right the fuck off.


[WSJ. Photo: ilovebutter/ Flickr]