Parents at a Vancouver, Wash. elementary school are up in arms over a third grade teacher who allegedly made students pay in Monopoly money to use the bathroom. Two students told their parents they wet their pants because they couldn't afford a trip to go pee.

The mother of one Mill Plain Elementary student said her daughter spent her Monopoly money—earned through good behavior and class performance—on a treat, and didn't have any left over for the bathroom.

Another mom says the same thing happened to her daughter.


"I didn't want to be left out. I wanted to have popcorn with my friends," the girl told her.

"And so she tried to hold it," the mother said. "She said it hurt so bad, the pain was so bad, she goes, 'I just had to let it go.'"


A spokesperson for the Evergreen School District said the pay-to-pee system is "all part of how they manage the classroom and so that was the process that was decided upon."

Students get designated bathroom breaks during the day, but it's up to the teacher to decide whether students can leave the room outside of those times, the spokesperson said. Confusingly, district officials also denied that any child is ever forbidden from using the bathroom.

The district is investigating the policy in response to complaints from parents.

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