The bizarre story of Andre Johnson (a.k.a. Christ Bearer), the rapper who cut off his own penis and then jumped from a second story balcony back in April, just got much bizarre-er: Johnson told TMZ he wants his reattached penis to appear in a porno "soon."

Doctors completed a successful reattachment in May "with full functionality," and Johnson is apparently eager to demonstrate.

"Does it work?! Can Chris Brown dance? Can Kanye West rant? Can Jay Z fight off a trick?" he yelled.


It gets better: The porn debut of Johnson's zombie cock could actually happen. Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment told TMZ he's "definitely interested," pending an inspection of Johnson's johnson.

By the way, if you thought Bearer's story that he severed his own dick because he was smoking weed and reading about monks and he missed his kids sounded like bullshit—Congratulations! It was bullshit.


In this new video, Bearer is asked, "Were there any drugs involved?"

"What you [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] involved?! There was [bleep] PCP involved when I jumped out the window! Kids, say no to drugs."

There you have it. If you had "PCP" in your Christ Bearer Dick-Chop Explanation office pool, your coworkers owe you lunch.

Update: An interracial porn site told us they're interested in a Bearer scene, provided Mr. Johnson can stay erect for 20 minutes in front of a film crew. (Can he?! Does Lil Wayne's Sprite have purple in it? Does Rick Ross enjoy delicious cream-filled pastries?Does Drake shed a single tear whenever he thinks about Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree?)

[H/T Uproxx, Photo: Facebook]