We know Richard Matt is a convicted killer on the loose. We know, thanks to my colleague Jordan Sargent, that “Matt is very handsome and, in all frankness, very well endowed.” Now we also know that Matt, for some weird reason, has this massive Marine Corps tattoo, even though the Marines say he never served.

The Marine Corps Times has the scandalous details:

Images released of Richard Matt, convicted of killing and dismembering his boss, show that he has the Marine-style tattoo on his right shoulder. The eagle, globe and anchor became the Corps’ official emblem in 1955, and Matt’s tattoo raised questions about whether he was a veteran.

But the Marine Corps has no record of Matt serving, Yvonne Carlock, a spokeswoman with Manpower and Reserve Affairs, told Marine Corps Times.

Indeed, a Gawker search turned up no military records for Matt—whose other shoulder tattoo originally read “Mexico Forever.” His fake Marine tattoo may help explain why, as one ex-cop who put him away says it, “He gets girlfriends any place he goes.” Add stolen valor to the list of this fugitive’s crimes, along with two prison breaks and kidnapping, robbing, and killing his “76-year-old boss, William Rickerson, whose headless torso and legs were found in the Niagara River.”

[Images via Military Times]

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