A couple of weeks ago, it would have been difficult to imagine a Weird Al album topping the charts, and basically impossible to predict a porn parody of Al's 25-year-old cult-classic film UHF. But that's our new reality—thanks, The Internet!

Capitalizing on the buzz around Weird Al's Mandatory Fun—the first comedy album to hit number one since the '60s—the porn parody savants at Woodrocket have released a confusingly sexy photo shoot that parodies UHF, itself a parody of low-budget public access TV. This project has so many layers, and underneath all of them are Weird Al's boobs.

It's not just Weird Al stripping, either: They've also looped in several of the obscure shows he invented to keep Channel 62 afloat, including Wheel of Fish and Raul's Wild Kingdom. If it's always been your dream to see a topless, female Conan the Librarian, today is your lucky day.


[H/T AV Club]