Do you like your weed to have a little class? Do you prefer a nice sit-down restaurant to the Taco Bell drive-through when the munchies hit? Then do we have the place for you.

Hapa Sushi, a Boulder-based chain, introduced a new pairing menu this week in celebration of Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana. But this isn't just for just any old date night: the pairings feature not wines or chocolates, but (of course) hash. The list covers five different strains of weed, sorted by type and matched with a complementary dish.

The stunt is part of a "Happy Legalization" campaign that continues the restaurant's history of catering to marijuana enthusiasts. Hapa's relationship with the stoner community goes back at least to 2009, when the state legalized medical marijuana and the restaurant advertised itself as the perfect place to quell the munchies.

Unfortunately for the fanciest of stoners, the restaurant is not itself a vendor. In fact, there are no non-medical marijuana vendors in Boulder at all right now. But there's nothing stopping you from getting takeout before going home to a joint that goes perfectly with your meal.

[image via AP]