President Obama is in India this week visiting his "pal" Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where the two have so far only stoked rumors of a growing bromance. But has the water been poisoned by Narendra Modi's far fresher suit style?

On Sunday, the two leaders met for a private chat at Hyderabad House in New Delhi, where Modi premiered a suit with pinstripes made entirely from his name.

Obama, on the other hand, wore some boring old thing with a lame blue tie. Show up a little bit, Barry. Modi is running laps around you in the bespoke suit department.

The presidential visit thus far has reportedly been fruitful, enabling more talks about U.S. involvement in nuclear energy in India, which Obama described as evidence of "how we can work together to elevate our relationship."

Obama has made no comment about Modi's Sunday styles, but he's probably thinking something like, "Damn, I messed up."

[Image via AP]