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Datta Phuge, the Indian man who achieved everyone’s goal of worldwide viral fame in 2013 when he commissioned the production of a six-pound shirt made of gold, was beaten to death by a gang in the city of Pune early Friday morning, various sources reported this afternoon.

Per the Times of India, the gang who attacked Phuge hacked with a sickle before using “large stones” to bludgeon him to death. The BBC reports that police stated up to 12 men were involved, with the Times of India reporting that four men, including a relative, are under arrest. Police say that Phuge’s 22-year-old son witnessed the murder, but was not attacked by the gang.

However, reports differ on how the gang was able to set on Phuge. The Times of India says that Phuge’s wife told police that he was abducted from their home by five men Thursday night, but a police inspector said authorities believe Phuge may have been lured away from his home to celebrate a family member’s birthday.

Police believe that the motive behind the Phuge, who worked in the lending industry, was killed in a dispute over money. In 2013, Phuge detailed his gold obsession to the BBC.