Alex Hunter, 16, had to have his teeth removed this month after they had been ruined by years of radiation treatments for cancer. His family's insurance helped cover part of the cost to have his teeth removed, but won't pay for new dentures. The family started a gofundme campaign yesterday to raise the $11,000 needed for the dentures, and have already exceeded their goal. (Current total: $13,902.)

"[The insurance] said it wasn't a medical issue and of course it's from a medical issue," Alex's grandmother Roberta told KERO.

Hunter has beaten cancer for the second time. From the Daily Mail:

Alex was just four when he was first diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, Embryonal Parameningeal Rhabdomyosarcoma, after a mass started growing in his cheek.

He underwent aggressive chemotherapy and stayed in hospital for months as he battled the side effects of the radiation. He lost vision in his left eye and feeling on the left side of his face.

He was also left with a thin frame, teeth problems and thyroid gland issues, but in July 2003, doctors said he was cancer-free.

Then in November 2011, when he was 13, he was back to hospital to undergo surgery on an enlarged thyroid gland - and doctors learned he had Hurthle Cell Carcinoma, a rare thyroid cancer.

"He doesn't smile because his teeth were never attractive," Roberta Hunter told the Daily Mail. "He was anxious to get them out and get it over with but now we're waiting to see what's next."

[Image via KERO]