Last week, a skydiver somehow survived a 12,000 foot plunge into a parked van. He was, of course, severely injured and required more than $33,000 worth of emergency transport and surgery, putting him into serious debt. Thankfully, the internet rallied and raised nearly $50,000 for the man and his family to pay for the surgery and follow-up care.

Ben Cornick, who has made more than 1,000 jumps, lost control of his chute as he attempted the jump in Fiji last week, and eventually crashed into a van at more than 40 mph. Because he was uninsured, he was forced to pay $37,500 Australian dollars (or $33,000 U.S.)—most of which was for the emergency flight to New Zealand—before doctors could operate.

Friends and family set up a Facebook page for donations for Connick, whose first child was born just last month. Within days, they'd raised the money and then some; the fund is estimated to top out at over $82,000.

The surgeries were a success and Cornick seems to be in good enough spirits, even though he's facing another three weeks in the hospital.

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