We all know that "DC" has traditionally stood for "Duh, [our] City [is an epicenter of hipness]." An ill (slang for "bad") wind this way blows, however. Could gentrification be threatening Chocolate City's young, hip vibe?

For several years now, our nation's hipness capital has been forced to defend its hipness title against an invasion of whites and bullshit so-called "journalists" who like to question DC's hipness but maybe they've forgotten about a little something called "lots of anarchist dog-walkers??" Okay then. But just as DC has overcome these obstacles and continued to revel in an existentially hip state which stretches across the entire political spectrum, the Washington Post's Hipness, Gentrification, and White Affairs desk reports that 14th St. NW is getting so freaking gentrified that it's nothing but yuppie condos and yuppie restaurants and like, dude, look at all this yuppie shit here, right where I used to buy weed:

In another gentrification milestone, construction began last week on the conversion of the Central Union Mission, a 140-bed homeless shelter at 14th and R, into boutique condos and high-end retail.

On the upside, 14th St. is also the "site of a future Trader Joe's that already has city foodies salivating."

Sounds like hipness is alive and well.

[WaPo. Photo: Laura Padgett/ Flickr]