ISIS militants seized three more towns in the Iraqi province of Anbar Sunday as the group continues its fight toward Baghdad. These conquests give the militants control over a large stretch of borderland between Iraq and Syria and within striking distance of Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

According to the BBC, ISIS now controls nearly all of Iraq's western front:

The focus has shifted partly to Anbar, the vast, mainly Sunni-populated province to the west of Baghdad, an area where the tribes are particularly strong.

The reported fall of two more border posts, one on the main road to Jordan, and the other to Syria, means that the government has lost control of all its western borders.

One tribal leader said that 90% of the province is now in rebel hands.

The swiftness and strength at which ISIS has taken regions of Iraq also continue to stoke fears that the entire country could soon fall into the hands of the militants.

The 300-odd troops President Obama has deployed to Iraq should arrive within the next few days. Comments made by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry last week led to speculation that the U.S. might work with Iran to take on ISIS in Iraq, but Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has since dispelled any rumors of a collaboration.

"We don't support any foreign interference in Iraq, and we're strongly opposed to U.S. interference there," he said.

[Image via AP]