Women are paid less than men. Besides spontaneous castrations, one way to engage this problem is through higher education. And now, a study which shows ladies exactly what to do in college in order to smash the patriarchy.

The question is this: if their goal is to eliminate the gender pay gap, should women aim to go to the best possible college, or should they aim to pick the most productive major, name-brand school be damned? A new study has provided the answer, because learning is fundamental and education is amazing. From Inside Higher Ed:

For women who attended elite institutions, the gender pay gap persists, they found. But for women who study in the lucrative majors ["science, technology, mathematics and business"], the pay gap disappears — regardless of the prestige of the institution the women attend. And the impact appears to be strongest for disadvantaged women, who otherwise face large pay gaps with men.

Damn, that was a satisfying-ass conclusion. Nailed that shit down like blam.

[Photo: AP]