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Dana, a 21-year-old from Illinois, was profiled on MTV's True Life: I'm Too Beautiful over the weekend. Of course, by participating in this show, she set herself up for a chorus of, "Nuh-uhs." Though the aspiring profesional wrestler does what she can to optimize her beauty (she figures the breast implants that she wants will push her from a "10" to a "200"), she also bemoans it and its drawbacks: hundreds of Facebook friend requests, unwanted attention from men, the men whose attention she does want not taking her seriously, female haters and tension with her sister.

Whatever. Anything that gives you this much to complain about doesn't suck, because complaining is awesome. It's our national pastime, right up there with professional wrestling and reality TV. Dana is a patriot.

It's all very reminiscent of Samantha Brick, who last year wrote a widely mocked essay for the Daily Mail about the pitfalls of being attractive. Right OK, every situation sucks sometimes. Mostly, I was mesmerized by Dana's near-constant monotone. With some editing, this show easily could have been called True Life: I Don't Have Any Inflection in My Voice.