The water wars that will, in short order, come to consume our nation and the world are growing in intensity. In the earthquake-and-drought cocktail that is California, humans and fish are already locked in a pitched battle for survival.

The Wall Street Journal reports that in order to avoid a "catastrophic fish kill" that would result in the dessicated bodies of tens of thousands of heat-baked salmon rotting in the relentless desert sun, a California state agency plans to release a large amount of water into the Klamath River. Upon hearing this news, the farmers of the state grew outraged, since they have no water with which to irrigate their crops, leaving their workers unemployed and their coffers empty. A judge is set to decide this week whether the state may use the water to help the fish or not.

Is it important to save the fish? Yes. Is it important for farmers to water their crops? Yes. Is helping the natural world a good use of water? Yes. Is growing food a good use of water? Yes. Should a state be forced to choose between the natural environment and growing food? No. But this is what happens in The Water Wars.

"Let the fish die!" say the farmers. "Let the farmers go bankrupt!" say the environmentalists. "Can't we all get along?" asks the little child. Shut up, child. This is war.

Drink water now, while you still can.

[Photo: AP]