Today in news that reads like bad satire aimed at amoral millennials: the tale of Kirsty Edmondson, a 23-year-old sex worker who allegedly killed a former teacher with a lethal heroin dose, took a selfie with his body, and lived in his apartment with the corpse for a week.

Edmondson and her boyfriend, Christopher Sawyers, are charged with the murder of Kenneth Chapman, a 47-year old resident of Eccles, UK. According to the Daily Mail Online, Chapman was a client of Edmondson's, and the two had a "fling" before the murder. After the killing, the pair allegedly stole money, a TV, and a computer, and posed as the victim in a text to a relative asking for more cash.

In court today, Edmondson denied killing Chapman but admitted to stealing his stuff. From the Daily Mail:

She added she 'wouldn't kill anybody' before insisting: 'I'm not a killer, it's not how it looks'

Edmondson, who admits stealing money and property, told the court today she was 'deeply ashamed of what I have done before and after he died.'

She continued: 'I might not be sat here bawling but when I go back to that sweat box and realise everything that's happened, believe me, I'm paying for it.

'I would never kill Kenneth Chapman. I wouldn't kill anyone but I definitely wouldn't kill him.

'I'm not that type of person. I have got no reason to want him dead. I didn't do anything towards killing him. Christopher Sawyers did.'

Edmondson alleges that Sawyers (who she calls Twinny) carried out the killing, and that she complied because he convinced her she'd go to jail if she went to the authorities. The trial is ongoing.

[Image via Daily Mail]